Sunday, February 12, 2012

Off on a Jet Plane

Earlier this week I hinted at the fact that I had an upcoming trip. Well.... today is the day I'm heading back to the state full of vineyards & agriculture... California. My last trip to The Golden State revolved around Vineyards & Herefords. This time it's for diverse agriculture and dairy cattle! So blessed to be surrounded in all aspects of agriculture. A great life!
For just a little preview... the tradeshow I'm attending is called World Ag Expo and Pfizer Animal Health (the client I worked for) has a large booth and hosting a fun customer event. World Ag Expo focuses heavily on the dairy industry, the calf & heifer sector especially.
So it's going to be a busy week jammed with agriculture. Just wanted to remind all of my readers that it is the week of Valentine's Day and what a great way to show your love to the beef industry! As your know February is American Heart Month, and beef is good for your heart! When agvocating this week here's a few key helpful hints:

  • When sharing beef articles, make sure hyperlink has been condensed/shortened (Tiny URL -

  • Don’t exceed more than 140 characters including spaces

  • Use #IHeartBeef and #IHeartLeanBeef hashtag throughout February in all relevant tweets

  • And if  you're looking for facebook flair or twibbons contact Dan Sullivan,
    One last plug... If you haven't completed the Master of Beef Advocacy course week, don't wait any longer. There's no time like the present, show your #IHeartBeef ! Have a great week!


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