Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Flair: The Vintage Cowgirl Look

Take your pick

Ladies and especially all you Rockin' Rural Women, I need your help!! I'm completely obsessed with the whole vintage cowgirl look. I just can't get enough of it, the overlay look is totally in and has my name all over it! My signature brand is Coral West, I actually own a pair of mules that are to die for. For awhile now I've had my pretty blue eyes on these two boots. Take a look.... I know you want to, it's OK if you drool.

Option A
Black & Turqoise... how can you go wrong...
 Option B
Dark/Light Brown Truffle... sounds like tasty milk chocolate
I know right?! Aren't they awesome? How cute would these look this spring with a skirt, or leggings or even just my favorite Miss Me's. They're so versatile, I could wear them with anything, anywhere at anytime! Actually I'm just convincing themselves of this. Realistically they're totally unpractical and I wouldn't be able to do any sort of "cowgirl work" in them! All the better reason for the purchase, right!?
So take your pick ladies, which one's it gonna be? I'm taking a poll!  Please comment below with the boots of your choice, the boots you think that scream Nicole!

Thank you to my fashion forward friends and Rockin' Rural Women!!!!



Anonymous said...

Option A all the, love, love them! Option B is very cool, but A leaves a statement!

Crystal Cattle said...

You know which one I would pick. Option A!

MrsTallPaul said...

Both are A-Mazing! I'm all about color, so I love A, but B might be more versatile. Tough Decision!

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