Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking it back to the basics

Hereford EPDs

I thought watching an educational video would be a good follow-up to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. It's time we take it a notch back and revisit Hereford EPDs. As you know, I'm a born and raised Hereford gal, you can probably tell from my hide backdrop. Right now cattlemen are in the midst of calving out their cows and first-calf heifers. It's a busy time, multiple checks throughout the night,  bedding down straw so the new calves stay warm and dry, most importantly making sure those babies are off to a healthy start and their mamas are producing an adequete milk supply for their calves to nurse. However it never hurts to start planning ahead to breeding season, evaluating bulls and deciding which would be good genetics to incorporate into your herd. There are several areas to take into consideration, one being EPDs. It never hurts to revisit this area and educate yourself on the fundamentals. The American Hereford Association created several educational videos for breeders . Don't forget to take advantage of these resources offered by your association.


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