Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Supporting and Sportin' the Cause

Even though the Livestock Pavilion wasn't the main attraction at the World Ag Expo, I had to be true to my roots, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the California livestock industry on display. In the small, dark and rather dusty building were two rows of booths. And off to the side was a cowgirl giving a horse shoeing demonstration to a mediocre crowd in the stands. I quickly cruised the rows; there was your basic booth stops and then some that just didn't seem to fit in (Milwaukee Drill, deerhorn antler light fixtures). The best booth in this small building was the California Cattlemen's Association. Two college-aged ladies were working the booth promoting the #iheartbeef campaign and agvocating to consumers. The energetic ladies immediately came up to me and offered educational literature (from pasture to plate) on the beef industry and healthy (& easy) beef recipes. I was totally impressed, agvocating at its finest!! In the corner of the booth I noticed this bag, pictured below, and asked if any were for sale. I am happy that this trip allowed me to squeeze in a little beef time and support the California beef industry (for only $4). I am now the proud owner of this beef cooler! How handy this will be for safety transporting ground beef & steak to the city. As you know beef should be kept frozen until you are ready to completely thaw for cooking.
While the main purpose of my family's cows is to reproduce and have calves, a few are raised for our own consumption. Once the butcher has cut and wrapped the product it is stored in smaller serving-sized packages in our large freezer, similar to how you buy beef at the grocery store.
Thank you California for the fine agvoating
and this useful cooler, can't wait to put it to use!


Crystal Cattle said...

Very cute! Glad to hear that your trip was great.

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Crystal!! Hope all is well with your travels and last month wedding planning!! So excited & happy for you:)

Vani said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!
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Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Vani!! Keep stopping back! Who is your cousin? You can also follow me on twitter, @nstarrgirl for blog updates!

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