Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 3in30 Goals

I don't know about you, but this week is cruising here in Southwest, WI! What I'm not happy about is this yucky late winter/early spring weather. Rain, sleet, snow oh my! Make up your mind mother nature. I'm secrectly hoping we bypass spring and head straight into capri and flip flop weahter! Pretty please!? Happy to report that February was a successful month (perhaps because there was an extra day?!) with the goals listed off to the right!! Complete, Complete and Complete! I've captured my accomplishments, take a look, the pictures are worth a thousand words.

#1- Read The Help

A book that I originally started on my vacation to California 6 months ago, picked it back up again on my work-trip to California and completed!! What did you all think of the movie? I do plan on watching it.
Goal #2- Spread the #iheartbeef love.
The American Heart Association has declared February heart awareness month. To promote beef as part of a heart-healthy diet the NCBA also joined forces in this campaign, by featuring I Heart Beef. I spread the love by purchasing this cooler bag from the California Cattlemen's Assocition and agvocated. A few of this month's healthy beef advocate posts:
Goal #3- Make Someone's Day
I made this X-O Valentine wreath for my mom, so happy with how it turned out. It is currently hanging on the front of our house, but today it comes down to be stored for next year. What do I have in the works for St. Patrick's Day? Check back! You can find instructions on my Pinterest Board. Mom didn't want to be in the picture w/me:( Boo.
I love sending care packages and being able to brighten some else's day. My GREAT Aunt Sally and sister, Danielle were the lucky recipients of a Valentine package complete with strawberry cookie (cream cheese frosting filling) sandwiches and a handwritten note. Remember you're never to tech savy for a handwritten note, I find it much more meaningful than an email (plus my Aunt Sally isn't on email!). We're been pen pals since well.... before I could write!

What do you plan on crossing off your list in March in between all the March-Madness games!??


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