Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make #IHeartBeef your Valentine

Happy 1st day of February! February is well known for being the month of love, as we all show our sweetness to our special Valentines. While showering your loved ones during this short month, don't forget that it's also American Heart Month, fitting huh?!
With the month of love in full swing, don't forget to spread the good word that beef is the perfect addition to a heart-healthy diet. Today's beef is lean and fits into the recommend profile for a healthy diet. A wallet sized card of the 29 lean cuts of beef can be found here, have this handy reference with you when your at the grocery store or dining out. This guide may even come in handy when agvocating in daily conversation with friends or family!

So get out there are promoting beef as part of a healthy diet! Spark conversation with your coworkers, post pictures & recipes of your divine beef recipes and join the pack in using the hashtag #IHeartBeef

We have 29 days....ready, set, go!!
Tenderloin salad... one of my favorite beef meals!
On another February note... tomorrow is Groundhog's Day. With this unseasonable warm weather do you think we'll continue onto to spring?


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