Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Boilermaker Weekend

March Road trip

Luckily, this month is full of lots of fun weekend road trips! That combined with St. Patrick's Day will make this a mighty month. Two weekend ago, my college friend (who is now working at Genex in Shawano) and I made through Blizzard Crystal (hard to believe this month has a blizzard when I'm now sitting in shorts and a T after an outside run) and landed feet first in the heart of Boilermaker territory. Now I am an avid Spartan that bleeds green, the reason for the trip was to see my youngest sister, Danielle. Believe it or not she's been there four years, graduating in May and this was my first visit! After touring the campus, we headed down to Indy to show us the town...
After getting coffee, we strolled around and ended up at the circle. Next time we'll have to fit in a buggy ride!

March MADNESS!! Indy was getting ready for the tournament games, can't wait to
cheer on the Spartans tomorrow night! Go Green!!

After the trek back and getting our second wind (I was practically dying from a cold) we headed to the ever-so-famous, Harry's Chocolate Shoppe. A local and must-go-to bar that I'm guessing was once a chocolate shoppe!?
Good weekend had by all and looking to the next road trip and March Madness!! 


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