Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mismatched for life?!

Please someone explain to me how I lose socks. I live by myself, don't sort my clothes with anyone but myself and yet I still manage to lose them! They go from my feet, to the hamper then down the hall to the wash machine. Very simple one would think, but yet when folding clothes (my least favorite chore) I always seem to winde up with at least one lonely sock. Perhaps someone has found a genious idea on Pinterest that prevents this misfortune? If so, please share!
The only solution I've come up with is wearing fun decorate socks, making the matching process easier. And besides white socks are just too serious for me. Bright stripes, poka-dots and zig zags take me back to my youth and I'm all about staying young! However no such luck! 
Missing: Orange/Pink diamond pattern sock w/yellow hearts.
If found please return to owner!

Life's too short for serious grown-up socks!



MrsTallPaul said...

I'm a sock lover too - no white ones in my drawers! I actually have purposefully mis-matched socks from Little Miss-Match. I love those socks!

Nicole Starr said...

Little Miss-Match? I've never heard of them! I will definetly have to look them up, thanks for sharing! Happy Spring!

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