Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Meet & Greet

With my new best friend

This past weekend I added a staple to my cowgirl boot collection. I can't hide it, I love cowgirl boots, for a real conversation starter I recommend you check out these boots. Well, I've had my eyes on the vintage look for quite some time, after several searches I finally found a pair that would fit my brand so to speak. In fact, several of you even helped with my decision-- I totally owe you, Thanks! So here they are in all their beauty.....The Brown Truffle Vintage Corral West Boots.

Not only do I love the look I LOVE the name... Brown Truffle...mmmm...
sounds like something you'd find at a fancy chocolate shoppe!

The tag says that these boots like to drink wine, dance and have a good time.... I think we'll get along just fine!  Breakin' them in today, glad I have the luxury of wearing my boots whenever my little heart desires! Now if only Isaac's boots would arrive I'd be set!
Happy Tuesday!

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