Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dance the night away


In honor of the Little Wolf High School's (my high school) prom, taking place tonight, I wanted to share with you a little flashback photo from prom 2005. Isn't it funny to think back and remember what a big deal (and expensive) the event was?! Just the "finding the perfect dress shopping trip" alone was a production. From the dress, hair, date, wrist corsage and where the group would eat was usually full of high school drama, but boy is it funny to look back on! I found this picture of my grandpa and I from Prom 2005. This was Tiffany prom dress (cover of Seventeen Magazine, I'm sure!). Instead of going out to eat, my parents had a formal sit-down dinner at our house with steak & shrimp. Our waiters and waitresses were my parents, Grandpa Lindsay & Marlese and Brad & Lindsay. It was quite the deal! There was probably about 16 of us kids, it worked great for a big group being all together at a table and hanging out until the "right time" to head to town. Attending a small high school in a small town, there wasn't a lot of exquisite prom sites. So each year we made do with turning the cafeteria into whatever that year's theme happened to be. Dropping the ceiling with clothe and covering the pop machines! We didn't know any better! I believe this photo was from the Hollywood themed prom.
This is Grandpa Lindsay, he's also a farmer. This was from the era of the bigger the proof of a dress the better! I think I looked like a little Barbie!
 What favorite prom memory do you have? I'd love to hear what you dress looked like and your school's traditions. It's fun to laugh and to think "And I thought THAT was cool!"

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