Friday, April 20, 2012

You can't go wrong with ruffles

When searching through my closet, cruising on Pinterest or shopping in the mall I've realized that my blue eye always go straight for ruffly, frilly things. Besides that fact is popular and am boarder-line addicted! Ruffles and cowboy boots are two of my favorite things, and I'm not shy about pairing them together!

I don't know what the weather is like in your neighborhood, but in Milwaukee it's cold, rainy and dreary. So why not a Friday pick-me-up and let's look my some ruffly aprons. These are more than aprons, I think I'd like to call them cooking/baking accessories! All from of Pier One Imports.
I actually own this one, thanks to my sister Danielle for Christmas last year!

Maybe you're more of a boutique style, then this one is just the one for you. Did I mention these are soo reasonable? Only $15.95

Be the hostess with the mostest in this cute little skirt! Only $7.38

These are on clearance so you better act fast! Hope this brings a smile to your Friday! I think my sweet treats turn out better when I wear my apron:) If these aren't your style, check out the others here.


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