Thursday, April 19, 2012

Farmers Supporting Youth

My family's busy- we have a cattle, land and my parents both work off the farm during the day. And needless to say as the hired help went off to college and have become career women in agriculture, things haven't calmed down any. At times we're running in a million directions to get work done. However my family, like many other family farms, feel strongly in volunteering and supporting youth in agriculture, such as the FFA.
Last Sunday was the FFA Awards Banquet (a bit relaxing activity compared to the early morning trail run) and my family once again was in attendance. Not having any kids in the program I thought we'd be a bit out of place, boy was I wrong, I was in awe at all of the local farmers in attendance to support and congratulate FFA students receiving local and state awards. With planting season in full swing for some, farmers don't have a lot of time to spare. However, they will take time out of the tractor to support youth with an interested in agriculture, after all they are the future.
To raise funds for attending leadership conferences and workshops the FFA Chapter puts on a dessert auction at the conclusion of the banquet (and I think this was started by me, so going on an 8 year tradition). This year, thanks to the local farmers, parents and faculty the chapter raised about $1,200 (that's a lot of dessert!)
My Dad is the official auctioneer of the desserts, farmers really are a jack of all trades!

This farmer wife, also known as my mom, donated homemade breads to the auction. And what's nice is she bought something too! I went into a chocolate chip cookie partnership with one of the teachers. I have a sweet tooth

Of all three of us girls I was probably the most involved in FFA. I enjoyed the job interview contest, agriculture education SAE, and served as an officer each year. Just because my blue corduroy jacket now hangs in my closet, I still carry a bit of this organization with me today. My family, like others, feel it is important to give back to organizations that were good to their kids. For some families the roots of FFA go back several generations.

"I Believe" was the theme the chapter picked for year. From the successful banquet, I think it's safe to say the future of agriculture is in good hands!

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