Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Weekend and a Half!

As I relax with my Cosmetic Warrior Mask revitalizing my face thinking back on the past 48 hours I feel like I had A weekend a Half!
Saturday I woke up to the voice of a good family friend SueAnn Geodderz who had brought over strawberry rhubarb cake and was going to help my dad cut down wood for the Geodderz residence. After a few cups of coffee they were off to the back 40 and I went for a little mile jog and got to chit chat with Grandpa Lindsay as a little half way point:)
My parents set up to flush one of our better cows on Saturday. A lot of work and prep goes into this before hand. They had to give her drugs and bred her A.I. based on the prescribed schedule ordered by our vet. The cow super ovulated and on Saturday it was time for the Scott, our ET vet, to come and collect the embryos. I always look forward to Scott's visits he's a fun guy and always known for his stories. It's a long process so I always look forward to a few laughs. I will go into more detail about ET in a couple weeks; but for now he recommend this video for me to share.

After a quick shower & beautifying myself it was off to a wedding reception for Cullan & Claire Reilly. They got married in Mexico about a month ago. I watch the wedding video, sipped a Rita, and got to talk with some long lost friends from the Manawa area. Sorry no pictures of the party.
Today was the Manawa FFA Banquet and boy did it take me back 5 years when I was involved in FFA. What a great program and I was in complete awe that the program has tripled in membership, involvement and quality! I started FFA with a new Ag teacher who I admire and got to share in a lot of "first" Manawa FFA Moments with. She really taught me a lot in the two short years. I was touching to see that some of the programs that I planted the seed for are thriving and kids are enjoying them! I never would have thought things like the FFA Membership point systems would ever last all these years. And even better.... The Dessert Auction. The first year we did this we maybe reach $500 and today I bet the Chapter made well over $2500! So rewarding to have made an impact in kids lives that I really don't even know any more (yeah I've been out of high school that long)! It just goes to show when you take a the initiative to try something new, you never know who it will positively influence in the future. Here's a picture of the Easter themed cupcake tree my family donated to the auction.....

My weekend ended with a walk in the park with my Aunt Jo, Cousin Karen and her kids (also my cousins:) Maddie & Noah.
Hoping to sleep well with all the spring storms predicted tonight. Sleep tight!
N. Starr

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