Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Opportunities of being a MBA Graduate

It's official..... The e-mail has come notifying me of completion of the Masters of Beef Adocacy program and the opportunities that await! I'm proud to say I'm one of 2,000 students to complete the MBA online course work and am ready to enter the "real world" of beef advocacy. MBA Graduates (like myself!) have access to written versions of the course material and are provided with the latest fact sheets, presentations and other  material to conduct in outreach activities.
As of tonight I officially joined the MBA Alumni Association, a social networking site for MBA grads to gather. This elite systems sends MBA Action Alerts and up to date news and issues that require our attention. This site requires a profile image, I'm anxious to utilize and learn about this social networking site. I hear from my Grad colleges that I have even give a few shouts out about my blog in hopes of increasing viewers. So more of you can hear about my random life:)
As a MBA Graduate it is also encouraged to attend the commencement ceremony (not required) to receive hands-on training to serve as a beef advocate. 
This news was equal to exciting as when my Michigan State University college diploma arrived in the mail last fall. I'm happy to have the knowledge, tools, and enthusiasm to serve as an advocate for the beef industry!
Happy Tuesday!

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