Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Try This..... 31 Ways to be a Better Person

Today is gorgeous sunny day! It puts me in such a happy go-lucky mood! After my walk around Bishop's Woods near my office I'm fully charged to take on the the afternoon. The sunshine puts everyone in a much better mood and I find people are more apt to do a good deed. Today I found this article: 31 ways to be a better person; read it and see if there's something you do throughout your day. Remember little things go along ways too! Enjoy the 60* weather we are having:)

31 Ways to be a Better Person
1.Pick up a piece of trash at the beach. It won't kill you.
2.Teach someone something new. Human interaction speaks louder than Google.
3.Shop in a new store. Break your routine. Never know who you'll run into.
4.Go grab a drink by yourself. See how comfortable you are in your own skin and how well you handle "traffic."
5.Donate something to a person who truly needs it.
6.Have an opinion and know how to express it without offending.
7.Pick one topic per week and learn about it. Have something to bring to a conversation.
8.Offer before someone has to ask.
9.Discover a new area.
10.For one day, keep all negative comments to yourself.
11.Be a leader not a preacher. Set a good example and don't mention it.
12.Look people in the eye as you pass them on the street. Smile.
13.Learn about your co-workers.
14.Surprise someone with a gift. Make their day.
15.Leave your "baggage" at home. Negativity breeds negativity.
16.Be inquisitive. Ask others questions about them without waiting for your turn to speak.
17.The big stuff is obvious, remember the little things. They often matter the most.
18.Cook, build or make something from scratch. Even if it tastes bad, looks bad or falls apart, you did it yourself and you'll do better next time.
19.Facebook, e-mail or write a hand-written letter. If someone acknowledges you, acknowledge them back.
20.Make a list and accomplish one thing you've been putting off each week.
21.Set goals. Write them down. Achieve them because you can!
22.Listen more. Talk less.
23.Remember that when you have a rough day, you're not the only one.
24.Be aware of your surroundings.
25.Make someone else's problem your problem and do your best to help.
26.Be incredibly nice to everyone for one whole day.
27.Own up to your mistakes and deal with the consequences immediately. Move on.
28.Cut the drama out of your life.
29.Take initiative. Don't wait to be told to do something.
30.Be a hard worker for yourself, but have confidence that others take notice.
31.Make time to live life and stop going through the motions of just living.

How do you make a difference? Do you have anything to add to this list??? Please share:)

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