Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Toy Story's New Woody and Jessie

Cowgirl Maddie & Cowboy Noah

It's Thursday and I'll admit I've been a bit lazy about topics, I have some good ones brewing though for next week! Tonight I'd like to introduce you to Cowgirl Maddie and Cowboy Noah. Karen, their mom, is my cousin. Karen is married to John; Maddie is 6 and Noah is 4 (soon-to-be 7 and 5, wow). These kids are soo much fun I love spending every minute with them. I'm so happy I live close to them and that they've become even more of my family then what they already were! It's tradition for me to visit every Wednesday and watch Modern Family (early bedtime for Maddie & Noah:(). 
Maddie is in 1st grade and a smart little girl, I can't believe some of the books she reads to me, impressive! 
Noah is in 4-year old kindergarten and not a visit goes by when I don't crack up laughing at something hysterical he has done or said!
Karen & John have welcomed me with open arms to Milwaukee and their family. We've had a lot of laughs and adventures, especially since sometimes I feel like the cowgirl that's moved to the big city life! 
Maddie and Noah were modeling their Cowboy hats from their Uncle Tom & Aunt Kathie and never in a million years did I think the picture taken from my phone would turn out sooo cute. A posed picture couldn't even turn out that good.
 N. Starr

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