Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wear Green & Support Agriculture TODAY

Have you left the house yet?...Look down for a quick wardrobe check, are you wear green today? If not, head back to your closet and quick change into something green! As a Spartan finding something green in my closet is pretty easy.
Join me and thousands of agriculturalist in wearing green to support agriculture. Today's initiative was started by two concerned college students two years ago, and still to this day remain passionate about sharing agriculture's story with consumers and spreading a positive message. I admire young people with determination, drive and willing to take a stand for the betterment of our livelihoods. After all, they the future of the agriculture industry.
And what better color than green (besides the Spartan in me!). When I think green words like sustainability, stewardship and environment come to mind. Farmers and ranchers practices these three things everyday to preserve the land so future generations can continue run the family operation.
Green also reminds me of springtime and Earth Day. This year Earth Day is celebrated on Sunday (4/22). Does your family, school or community have an Earth Day tradition. I think the weather's going to be nice, check out the Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Day article. Number 10 is my favorite, how about grilling beef?!


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