Thursday, April 26, 2012

EAT BEEF, Drink and Be Merry!

If you've looked at your Facebook newsfeed, picked up the paper or turned on the news you're probably aware of yesterday's confirmed USDA case of a BSE cow in central California. The cow was discovered on-farm during a pre-rendering inspection. The case has been classified as "atypical" meaning it is a rare case and is not likely to be attributable to infected feed. Due to our country's exemplary food safety this cow never entered the food chain, and BSE is not transferred in milk. I encourage you to watch the interview with the USDA Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. John Clifford as he answers media questions.

"Our livestock population is some of the healthiest in the world, and the consumers should be confident in our food supply." - Dr. John Clifford, USDA Chief Veterinary Officer

Whether you're a consumer, producer or both, this is nothing to be mad or scared about. Yesterday's announcement shows that our food safety system works. I'm very proud to see that the safeguards we have in place to prevent any BSE infected cattle from entering into the food chain are working just as they are supposed to. So don't hold back, continue to use that grill this summer! Family farms and ranches, just like my own family, around the country are continuing to provide your family with safe, wholesome and nutritious beef. So from my family to yours, dig in and eat beef with confidence!

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