Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's in your basket?

Happy May Day

An old, yet cool holiday that shouldn't pass by without a shout out. I only remember celebrating this holiday once in elementary school and I thought it was pretty exciting! Click here for the rules of May Day and how to surprise the receiver of your special basket. Ok, I'll admit this is really why I love May 1st.... Official countdown to my birthday begins! I may need to get another wish list like that years, stay tuned.
People (like me) have a  lot of fun putting together baskets, I think these themes would go over well.

Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse can help you put together a traditional May Day basket....
This is what a typcial, calm, normal May Day basket would be.
   However, if you're like me and like to think outside the box you might opt for something unique...
Trade in the Christmas bow for a case of beer and you got yourself a
good ole' Wisconsin May Day basket!

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner (Saturday) and happens to be another one of my favorite May holidays. Who wouldn't love to be surprised with salsa and Margarita mix?! I know it would brighten my Tuesday!
Now for the grand finale...
Celebrating May Day with a side of "I Heart Beef" promotion! Found on the Forking Delicious blog, a basket full of "I Heart Beef": apron, bumper stickers, buttons, recipe book and cutting board. Along with oils and spices for grilling up lean, healthy and affordable BEEF! I'd love for this basket to land on my door step.

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