Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Flair: Clinique

What beauty products do you use?

Warning to the men readers: This may not be something you find extremely worthy of a post, but trust me to us ladies it's a big deal!
Last night's Rockin' Rural Women twitter & facebook chat on health and fitness reminded me of the beauty chat we had a few months ago monitored by my friend, Crystal Cattle, who's getting married this weekend! Anyways, it was those lovely ladies that I "chatted" with that convinced me to make the switch to Clinique. And I've never been happier with my skin. Customer service is huge to me and the ladies in the white lab coats behind the counter at Macys took the time to really get to know me, my skin and listened to what I look for in a skincare product. Here the are the products that work for me, but visit with the professionals to discover what would be best for you.

After a day at the office and evening run; taking the day off of my face is a refreshing way to wind down for the evening.

Step 1: Take the Day Off (literally), Eye Makeup Remover

Step 2: Liquid Soap- This mild soap leaves my face free from makeup residues, shinny and refreshed. I also like that is caters to my sensitive skin.

Step 3: Using a cotton square, apply a small amount of this lotion over
 your clean, shinny, refreshed face.
Step 4: This moisturizing gel will leave your skin feeling elastic, moisturized, yet not greasy.

Step 5: Some say I'm young, I say I have a birthday quickly approaching (and it's not my 21st!). No matter what your age you should take a proactive approach to caring for your skin. This eye cream prevents wrinkles and leaves your eye area feeling and looking young. (Crows-feet scare me!!)

Lastly, no matter what your age you may get a little breakout here and there, depending on how busy you are at work or school, stress levels or the amount of Easter chocolate consumed (I can relate to all 3!) Just put a little dab of this gel on that zit or pimple and you'll be ready to take on the day!

That's my nightly and morning skincare routine! For makeup I'm a MAC and Mary Kay girl. However, there's lots of skincare and beauty lines out there, what do you use? I'd love to hear what you've found to work!


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