Thursday, April 5, 2012

March in Review

Hello 2nd Quarter!

Is anyone else besides me shocked that we survived the mild winter and are 5 days into April? I'm excited for spring and summer, but the weeks have just been flying! March was a fun hectic month with trips to see friends near and far. So to reminisce here's a few shots that capture the month activities.

Lucas Oil Stadium. Except I didn't go in! March kicked off with a trip to see my sister Danielle. She goes to Purdue University (graduating in May). Click here for more highlights of the trip and our day in Indy.

Who's seen this famous statue of Marilyn Monroe in Chicago? Danielle and Cullan couldn't resist getting their picture by it after a night celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the city. And if you recall, Cullan also took a ride on a space shuttle on this day too.

Awww.. the city was soo pretty that day! Hopefully I can fit in a train ride to the windy city!

Now for some random animal encounters......

These ladies were out for a morning stroll across town one morning as I was getting my oil changed.

Never have I seen a baby turtle in MARCH!! But I guess it was 80*, I'm sure the poor thing didn't make it across the sidewalk (either being run over or frozen to death once the temperatures dropped to "normal")

Ever have to wait behind a box of "LIVE ANIMALS" at the UPS Store? Me either, it was my first. The man "in charge" of the box couldn't speak English, after several failed attempts to communicating with Mr. UPS, he backed his cart out and left in disgust. Needless to say I thought it was pure entertainment and wondered what on Earth was in the box. My guessing the Milwaukee Zoo wasn't happy with their shipment of.... Monkeys? Kangaroos? The guy was probably looking to put whatever is was on a direct flight back to Madagascar.

Whew! There it was, a fun-filled month, the only thing I'm missing is the trip back to my Ole' Stompin' Grounds, but you'll just have to read the post to relive that weekend! Cheers to hoping April is just a memorable, it's starting off right... heading to Indiana this weekend for Easter. We don't stay put too long:)


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