Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Wish: A step back to Spartan life

The older I get the more I realize that material things don't matter and won't make a person happy. While I was excited to receive the new Pioneer Woman Cookbook and it's exciting to dream about a Vera Bradley bag, it's  the milestones and memories that have shaped your life that really make a person happy. 
My final birthday wish is to go back in time for one week. If I could, I head back to the Spartan college life at the Purebred Beef Center. Some days in a heart beat, I'd trade in my salary paying job and smartphone for the hourly pay and dinky touchscreen phone I had two years ago. My days at the PBB were literally (so far) the best days of my life, filled with memories I'll always cherish! Whether it be getting cattle ready for Fall Fest, sorting cows or being on the hill at the National Western Stock Show. Going to class was something we did between work shifts. While we worked hard, I think I laughed just as hard at all our funny comments and practical jokes. 
During those four years I acquired a second family. A second grandma, a second dad and the big brother I never had. The Purebred Beef Center was my home and it always hold all my college memories. On days like this when I'm antsy at my desk, I would give anything to load up Birdie and head out to the pasture in the pickup truck drive through the cows.   
As a kid growing up I dreamed of going to MSU and working at the Beef Barn and wondered what it would be like to travel with the university to the shows. I'm blessed to say I was able to experience it, take advantage of it and all it had to offer. It was everything and more I ever dreamed up! 
Thanks MSU Purebred Beef Barn for the memories, friends, good show heifers and purple banners.

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