Friday, May 25, 2012

Starr Report #2: The corn is in

Planting 2012 is complete.

Last weekend concluded planting 2012 at the Starr Farm. My dad was out in the tractor a majority of the weekend and evening during the previous week to get the corn in and growing. You probably think we are a little behind, and well yes, maybe, sort of. But you have to remember my family lives in a northern where the temperatures are still getting down pretty low during the nights. Farmers have to adapt to the climate they are planting in. If everyone planted and harvested at the same time we all wouldn't have the same success. Excited to see it grow this summer. Depending on how our fall is, harvest will come sometime in November. Cross your fingers for a good summer 2012 of growing!

The corn is being planted. My dad makes rounds and rounds until the entire field is planted.

Farmer Joe needed to eat, so I set out to the field in my trusty Grand Prix and delivered Subway sandwich, chips and a cookie for dessert. Bonus points for being the favorite:)
We live in a small rural town, Subway is the only fast food joint. We live to far away for Domino's to deliver to the corn field. Maybe it's something they should consider? Remember to thank Domino's for supporting animal agriculture.


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