Thursday, May 24, 2012

Email Etiquette 101

LPC Workshop Review

A few weeks ago a few Bader Rutter coworkers and I headed to Des Moines for the LPC Regional Workshop, if you recall that trip even included a pit stop at the World's Largest Truck Stop. It's my goal to share a few of the takeaways with you. The first session kicked off with a grammar/sentence structure refresher course with cheat-sheet booklets that I now keep on my desk. Barbara Mack also gave us a friendly email etiquette reminder. Out with the snail mail in with the quick, fast and efficient approach. But just because we're all working in the fast lane doesn't give us any excuse to ease up the gas pedal on professionalism. Follow these simple rules to save time and trouble in organizing your professional life.

  1. There is no privacy in cyberspace. You can no control over emails once you hit "send" And in my situation of working in a open cubicle, collaborative  setting, I've realize there isn't privacy anywhere:)
  2. Use corporate email accounts only for business mail. Don't use your business email account unless you'd make the same communication using company letterhead. Company email = company letterhead
  3. Remember to KISS: Keep It Short and Simple
  4. Use the "subject" line to alert and prepare the reader
  5. Answer all emails promptly.
  6. Proofread.
  7. Share emails and attachments carefully and with permission
  8. Clearly and directly ask for a response or action item, if necessary
  9. Anticipate questions your reader might have and address them. 
Stay tuned for the next LPC Regional Workshop Review.


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