Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taco Tuesday Soup

Continuing with the Cinco de Mayo celebration and May beef month I made this easy-peasy Taco Soup recipe, from my "101 Things to do with Ground Beef recipe book". I'll admit I'm exhausted from my weekend away and tonight's boot camp class got the best of me, so I needed something quick and easy. This took me less than an hour to make and the hardest part was dicing the onions! The LPC workshop recap will have to wait until I have more energy. Until then, I highly recommend you make this delicious, healthy meal. You'll see I was drinking milk, and yes I proudly support both the beef & dairy industry! Thank you farmers for allowing me to enjoy my scrumptious taco soup.
Taken with the Frametatic app. 3 in 1 photo, I'm all about making life more simple! Thanks Cows, Corn and Country Girls for showing me the way to Frametastic life. She has a great post that shows how to download the app and use it with Instagram.
As I mentioned above I'm exhausted and feeling too lazy (embarrassed to even admit that!) to even post the recipe. However the good news is I posted the Taco Soup Recipe back in February, so you're all set! Enjoy.


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Jamie Purfeerst said...

Miss Nicole -- I received a little blogger love via a Liebster Award last week from Kati @ Incorporating Color & and I wanted to pass it on to you! Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! http://cowscorncountry.blogspot.com/2012/05/passing-on-liebster-award-love.html

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