Friday, May 18, 2012

Isaac turns 1

It's hard to believe on May 16 my little nephew Isaac turned 1! Where did the year go? I can't image our lives without him. It seems like just yesterday I skipped out of work early to be one of the first to see this little bundle of joy in the hospital.
 Over this past year, he's gotten quite the personality... So we know he loves spending his evening at the farm. He was helping AI cows at only 1 week old. Lindsay & Brad better watch out, he'll be taking over the farm before he's 5!

He looks forward to summer evenings when he can cheer on his dad at the baseball games.

He doesn't quite have teeth yet, but when he does we're sure he'll be requesting steak at supper time, after he gets in from AI'ing the cows.

Cows are his favorite, but he decided to really scare people at Halloween and dress up as a lion.

We know he likes to tease, flirt and put on a show when he's around his aunts. And we have such a good time when we're together! Right Isaac?!  

Isaac and I are spending the weekend together at my family's farm. Yes the whole weekend! We plan on being outside, taking care of Aunt Danielle's show heifers, maybe working in the yard and most of all kissing those cute cheeks! I'm so happy I get to be his "Fairy God Mother"

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