Monday, May 21, 2012

Passing on the Liebster Award Love

Last week Cows, Corn and Country Girls nominated my little blog for the Liebster Award. After reading into it, I learned that it's a little pass-on-the-love-award to upcoming blogs. For someone with a smaller little blog like mine that doesn't even have a cool name for it (on my to-do list, taking suggestions), I was doing back flips and summer salts! What's neat about social media is that it's connected me with people in agriculture, like CCC, we share alot of the same interests and we love sharing our agriculture story (and aren't shy about sneaking in a girly fashion post here & there). I read CCC's blog regularly and feel like we've been friends for a long time, but what's funny is we've only met once! Yes, crazy I know. CCC and I met at the LPC Regional Workshop just a couple weeks ago. I look forward to catching up with her more next time, I have a feeling we could have lots of fun!
Anyways, back to the Liebster Award, this sorta reminds me of the friendship chain letters we did in gradeschool. So please check out the blogs listed below and join their site. And if I recommended your blog, you are to recommend 5 of your favorite blogs in a new post (comment on that person's blog so they're aware) and link back to mine in your post. Please keep this going (If you don't and are supertious it may bring back luck to your blog, ha just kidding)!
  • From Paris with Love- Miss Holli and I met through showing cattle. She was the Hereford Intern one of the years I was serving on the NJHA Board. She never sits still for very long. Read about the exciting travels involved with her family's cattle sale management business and her Simmental cattle.
  • On the Banks of Squaw Creek- Did you know there's more in Iowa than corn, cattle and pigs? Yes, add this blog to your list if interested in learning about turkeys that Katie & her family raise in state-of-the-art barns in central Iowa. Besides raising turkeys and her two children, Katie is also a Common Ground volunteer. I've been fortunate to listen to her speak about Common Ground.  
  • Buzzard's Beat- A K-State Wildcat who loves barrel racing & agriculture. Brandi & I both were interns at the NCBA Convention in San Antonio. Even though we don't see each other often, I still enjoy catching up with her through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and the Rockin' Rural Women chats. Buzzard's Beat does a great job of advocating and telling the truth about American agriculture.
  • Pinke Post- A social media friend I hope to meet in person someday! Since joining Pinke Post I've learned what life is like on the North Dakota prairie and how a farm wife/mother survives living hours from a major city. Through her blog and daily instagram photos, Pinke Post does an excellent job of bringing the rural lifestyle to those who've never experienced it.
  • Chronicles of a Lipstick Cowgirl- A country girl who isn't afraid to put on her makeup before heading out the door (my idol!). A busy girl who continues to strive to reach her goals. Melissa just graduated with her Masters, is dedicated to giving back to her community and is a member of Team Beef. She loves to run, maybe we'll meet half way between WI and KS for a 5 or 10K. Looking for a make-over? She your gal for all your Mary Kay needs.
The last part of the Liebster Award is for me to share 5 random facts with my readers.
  1. I've been driving the same car since I was 16. The trusty red Grand Prix is still going strong:)
  2. For as much as I love Packers and as close as I live to Lambeau Field, I only been to one game in my entire life.
  3. I'm allergic to shell fish. But it doesn't bother me too much because I LOVE BEEF!
  4. I have a dent in my head. Don't know why, parents took me to lots of doctors. We've come to the conclusion it's from when my mom broke her elbow doing chores while prego with me. She had to rest the cast somewhere.
  5. Went to college for 4 years, party at cattle shows and yet I still can't take a whole shot of liquor. I don't know what's wrong with me, perhaps I should go back to school to learn how.
Add these new blogs to your list and continue to pass on the love.


Melissa said...

You my friend are so awesome and what a great concept! I will be sure to make a post with your blog in it too (not that I have that many followers). Thanks for the sweet comments.

Jamie Purfeerst said...

This post made me laugh. Remember when I said we had an eerily lot in common? Or maybe I just thought about posting that? Who knows. Anyway...4 & 5, exact same for me. Someday we will have to compare dents and celebrate!

And by the way, the whole name thing for my blog has been running through my head too...we should have an email chat about it!?


Nicole Starr said...

No Way! You have a dent in your head? Would love an email chat, I think together (with our dent heads) we could bounce good ideas off each other! We need to think of names for our blogs that will brand them & ourselves!
Have a good night!

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