Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stawberry Pickin'

Ripe strawberries = Official start of summer

Last weekend Glendale Farms in Clintonville was the hoppin' place on Saturday at 9:30am. I cruised in after getting my hair cut and couldn't believe the crowd. Strawberries were at their prime and so were the old ladies of Clintonville; bustin' asses and elbows trying to get the ripest flats to be made for homemade jams, pies and whatever else they use strawberries for in hopes of earning the "Best dish to Pass" Award at the next church potluck, funeral dinner or fundraising event.
Well this "country-girl-that-moved-to-the-city" bombshell wasn't going to let a few local ladies get in her way of some delicious, juicy strawberries!
What's neat about Glendale is the fact you can pick your own strawberries out in the patch.
Then the nice ladies at the counter weigh your flats and tell you what you owe. Good thing they didn't weigh me before and after I went out to the patch!
 Strawberry farmers plant their patches in late fall or early spring and require about 6 hours of sunlight. They also like dry soil. Once planted these plants produce berries for years.
This is was a strawberry field patch looks like.
Did you know one plant produces approximately 1 quart of strawberries? 
Glendale Farms has become a huge attraction for families across the county. It's a great way for kids to see where their food comes from and gives them a taste of farm life and how much time and effort it takes to put food on the table. It's not easy standing out in the blazing heat for days picking berries.
Kids of all ages can enjoy Glendale! Even big kids like me!
Anyone would give a quarter to feed these entertaining goats.

 After spending all my change on the goats it was time to head home to top off all these berries and put them in the freezer. Hopefully Mom & I can make jam later this fall when things slow down.
Word to the wise: 3 flats of strawberries is a lot of work, how do the ole' pros do it?

Don't forget to enter in the wine glass giveaway... enter here. Maybe if you were the winner you'd fill those glasses with strawberry wine?!


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