Thursday, May 3, 2012

Country Girl Faux Pas

I'm a Country girl.

And that's where I belong, but during the week I get to pretend to be a city girl with a fun career (however, that part about my career is real :) And sometimes my country girl attributes make me look a bit out of place, I'm not bothered by it though, luckily someone once told me to never forget where I came. Take yesterday for instance...
It was a warm day and after work I was headed to my cousin's for our traditional Modern Family Night. It was 5:30, sun was still shining, accomplished a lot at work and looking forward to a run around the park--life was good. And in this country girl's world, when life is good and the weather is warm...the big sunglasses are on, all windows down, sunroof open, radio blasting (may or may not have been doing the head bob thing:) as I'm driving through the city feeling like "one of them". In my mind I look something like this:
When in reality, there was sweat and make up running down my face and I'm still driving the same car I had when I was 16! I was stopped at a red light, probably jamming to a little Pink, as I turn my head to the left, I look to see a 17-18 year old boy driving a mini-van blow a kiss at me and do a little wave. All in one motion, my head slowly goes down, windows go up, radio down, hands ten and two! What at first was embarrassment turned into a little boost once I realized that high school boy was trying to flirt with a soon-to-be 24 year old! 
With that, it's time to kick-off Nicole's Birthday Wish List Countdown! It's promised to be just as good as last year. The fun part about this is there are no rules, anything and everything (no matter how far fetch from reality) goes! Today'll start off a bit more practical...
Yes, I'm a fan. You're all aware by now I'm sure. Read the book, have cookbook #1, DVR the Saturday cooking show. But what may come as a surprise is Ree's second cookbook came out two months ago and I have yet to own it, shocking I know. So that my friends is practical Birthday Wish #1. I promise if you buy it I will make lots of yummy meals:)


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