Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Wish #2--The Kentucky Derby

A big hat, a taste of Kentucky and the thrill of betting

Yesterday's practical wish is followed by today's somewhat unpractical wish. But hopefully someday soon I will be able to celebrate my birthday at Churchill Downs. If you haven't noticed it is on my 101 in 1001 goal list.  I've always found the thrill of the 2 minute Derby race exciting and have loved watching the media make a big hype about Derby week. And when else will I ever be able to get all dressed up in a big hat, place a few bets on horses and walk the pink carpet?! There's so much more to the Derby then the race, I didn't realize it until I watched this video.

Perhaps I have a future as a southern-girl transplant? I'm taking good notes tomorrow and maybe I can celebrate year 25 in Louisville!
However this year it'll be a weekend at the farm, so no Derby for me. But to celebrate the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo we're having a few friends over. Crossing my fingers my parent's ancient TV is working tomorrow and we can actually see it. A sombrero hat will have to do for this year's derby hat, and we'll drink margaritas and the famous Mint Juleps (have you ever had one? This will be my first!)
Have a good weekend!

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