Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Wish #3

Vera Bradley

A name brand that I do not own. I'll admit, when they first started making their appearance on college campuses I wasn't a fan, the prints reminded me of something an old lady would like! I know, I'm crazy. Then all these bright, young-looking prints started hitting the shelves at the bookstores and I've has my eye on them ever since. Two reason why I don't own a Vera Bradley: 1) I'm a bit sticker shocked 2) I can't decide on which print suites me best. Here's a couple that really strike me ...
Big fan especially of the totes. Plenty of room for my gym clothes for the YMCA
and the new Boot Camp I've enrolled in through Bader Rutter.
'Go big or go home' is my philosophy. This may come in handy on my dream vaca to the Kentucky Derby.
If you had your choice of all the prints in the Vera Badley collection, which would you chose? Make sure you view the print lineup before you commit.



Anonymous said...

I have the pleated tote in Lemon Parfait. LOVE It!! mamie

Nicole Starr said...

Hi Mamie! I like the Lemon Parfait. The options are endless, I'm realizing a person can't go wrong with Vera Bradley... time to start saving I guess.

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