Monday, July 30, 2012

Anything for my Packers

Packer 5K Run

Living not too far from Green Bay most of my life it's not surprising I'm an avid Packer fan. What can I say I bleed green whether is the Spartans or the Packers! Last weekend I lived several fans' dreams and ran around the inside of Lambeau field in the Packer 5K charity run. However I wasn't like the shirtless hard-core fans you see on TV with green & gold paint on their chest, crazy wigs, cold beer in hand yelling and cheering. I was however on the jumbotron!
3.1 miles later I made it and was ready to pose in the stadium.
In my opinion, there's nothing like Lambeau Field!
I had a cheering section, however they were a little MIA at the finish line. I left them in the Packers Pro Shop prior to the race and finally found them 15 minutes after I was done. I was beginning to think they left me.
Two of the four cheerleaders... Aunt Jo and my Mom.
And how does a Packer fan end an evening of running? At Curly's Pub of course! A cold Coors Light and Burger really hit the spot, plus I recharge my body with beef! If you haven't ever been I highly recommend it, Curly's is a must stop pub.
Menus with a lot of Packer history. 
I announced to  my family that next year when I run it I will be dressing up like a Packer Cheerleader, that way everyone will be able to spot me!


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