Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Olympics

Go Team U.S.A.

Tonight's kicks off the summer Olympics is London. Whenever the Olympics - summer or winter - are on I always think of the movie Cool Runnings. And that brings back childhood memories of the annual long weekend at Grandma's that my sisters and I did every summer in her hotter then heck, no air conditioned Oshkosh apartment. Grandma didn't have a wide selection of VHS Disney movies and us country kids didn't know what to do with ourselves in the city. So the three of us always settled on the movie Cool Runnings (it was that or Lawrence Welk); imagine three little girls lined up on the couch watching this and sweating because of the scorching heat and humidity trapped in Grandpa's townhouse. We thought it was funny and can now recite it at any given scene. Maybe watching a winter type movie messed with our minds just enough to cool us off mentally!
What Olympic sport will you be watching over the next two weeks? Who are you cheering on?


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