Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Body Boot Camp

On a fitness note.

A year ago I started becoming a "runner"; in college it was something I always wanted to do, but just didn't have time for. My parents got me the Nike + Shoes and app for my birthday so I was good to go, no excuses. So far with Nike + and Couch 2 5K I've ran in a few races: Kraut Run, Susan G. Komen and the Iola Trail Run.
Over 2 months ago I also started doing a boot camp through my office (I know how cool is my job?!!). Our trainer, aka army boy, comes in from Body by Design and is our drill sergeant for the quickest exercise hour I've ever had. I love it and am becoming addicted! It's amazing to me how much you can push yourself to do that extra pushup, situp or burpee when you have someone motivating you. We're in the midst of session II and am working toward good results (after session I I was down 4% body fat).
I've learned that working out is only half of a healthy lifestyle. The second half is diet. I've always tried to eat a balanced diet (but I'll admit I have a sweet tooth). But I've been trying extra hard to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean BEEF! Yes I said it and I'll say it again lean BEEF! Beef is what I use to recharge my body. There are 29 lean cuts of beef with a total fat content that falls between a skinless chicken breast and skinless chicken thigh. By choosing a lean cut of beef I'm efficiently recharging my body with several vitamins and minerals; critical after an intense workout. My new thing to do is broil a tenderloin, cut it up and lay it over a crisp lettuce salad with fresh veggies and fruit (raspberries are my favorite fruit to put on a salad). What lean beef recipes do you like in the summer?


Holli said...

I am very jealous about your office boot camp. Do you have to pay anything for it?

Nicole Starr said...

Yes we all pay for it, but we get a group discount. I believe it's approx. $10/session. Have a great weekend. Watching any of the Olympics?

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