Monday, July 16, 2012

The Drought of 2012

I love summer, but this is getting a little outta hand. Who has green grass? I'm jealous, this past weekend the only thing I mowed was a lawn full of weeds. But who cares about the grass... our poor crops are looking soo rough!
I blame the heat on my lack of blogness! That's not completely true, but it sounds like a good excuse so I'll run with it.
The past two weeks of heat have been filled with lots of summer fun despite the heat index....
  • The 4th of July--- attending the Manawa Rodeo
  • A visit with a good college friend
  • A trip to paradise see my Kansas City sister and lots of cattle friends(definitely wasn't paradise, but this is my blog so I can say whatever I want:)
  • Lots of swimming at a family friend's outdoor pool (I tell ya if you're looking for friends, buy a pool your "friends" will flock)
  • A mini trip to Rhinelander for a little concert
Hope you're all having a great summer! What's been your highlight thus far?


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