Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Song of Summer 2012


Doesn't seem that every year when the heat starts to crank up there seems to be the "song of summer"? Then in the cold miserable winter when that particular song comes on the radio in the car you start jamming out and it instantly takes you back to those fun, long summer days? For me, when old summer tunes come on it takes me back to a time when summer consisted on rinsing show heifers and blowing them dry under the fans. Can I please go back to being young, just for the summers?!

This year I have officially named Springsteen by Eric Church the "Song of Summer 2012". And winters from now when it comes on the radio I'll think back to the summer of 2012. Memories of working in an office cube jamming out to good ole' Eric Church and cramming in a week's worth of outdoor work and fun on the weekends.

I'll also think back to the summer of 2012 day spent at Ho-Dag in Rhinelander and getting to sing along to SpringsteenHomeboy and Drink in my Hand with Eric Church.

Guaranteed good people watching at HoDag, there were ALL kinds:)
Have you ever seen 80 acres of land with row after row of campers? I did!
A fun day spent with old and new friends:) Singing with Eric Church was a highlight, and his sunglasses and hat... so classic:)

What your "Song of Summer 2012"?

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