Monday, September 24, 2012

Leaf Peeper

Fall is here.

It's officially fall......I wore a jacket, drank a pumpkin spice latte, updated my hairstyle for the new season and helped my mom cover her flowers. I think the cool weather is here to stay. Fall is the best time for road trips. My favorite fall trips consist of going to cattle sales, football games or getting that one last girls trip in before the frozen tundra takes over the land. When driving from point A to point B it's interesting to see how the colors of the leaves change. Ever wonder if your destination has hit their color "peak"? If so, I found a new (and free) app that's a must-download: Leaf Peeper.
I used a picture of the NE part of the country, because some day
 I hope to go out there in the fall. I hear the falls are beauteous!!
Find the brightest colors with the Leaf Peeper foliage map. You can also take, upload and rate pictures in your hometown or where ever your fall road trip takes you. I have a couple mini trips coming up and look forward to putting this to use.

Where is your fall road trip taking you?

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