Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wisconsin Tourist

Door County weekend.

Isn't it funny we travel all over to the country and world to the "Ultimate Vacation Hot-Spots", but yet we (or at least I'll admit) don't take the time to explore your own state? Now there's not a lot happening in Wisconsin besides cows, corn and the Packers. But there was one place I'd never been and needed to cross of my list (1001 in 101 list especially).... Door County, Wisconsin's Peninsula. It just so happened a family friend of ours got hitched in Bailey's Harbor last weekend. It was fun, got to see a lot of old high school friends and I had an oh-so-Door-County-Nautical Dress from Banana Republic paired with coral Francesca jewelry. Sunday my parents and I spent the day seeing what this peninsula was all about and we literally saw it all. We drove through all the little villages filled with quaint shopping, coffee, ice cream stores and docks/beaches. Great views of the lake and the leaves were just about starting to turn. We took our adventure to the extreme (and not sure if I'd recommend it or do this part again)....
Wisconsin Tourist. Hopped on a ferry and headed to Washington Island. To do what? We didn't know!
 Washington Island, the little island off the peninsula, doesn't exactly have it "going on" like the map at the ferry station portrayed. But hey, who doesn't like a 30 min boat ride to a barely-any-civilization- island. And surprisingly people do live there, however all of the houses are for sale. Looking to buy a cheap house in a remote location? From the tiny farmettes I'd say these people live there year-round, I can only image what the winters are like. Mom and I were starving, but we thought lunch on the island would be the way to go.....
A trip back in time, To the Simple Life, To when photos were all taken in black and white. As we took in the island locals the one-woman-show took our order, got our drinks, made our sandwiches and rang up our bill. 

And after an 8 mile drive around little Washington Island we were ready to hit the main land and head home.
After driving through the peninsula and getting a glimpse of the towns there's a few areas I'd recommend and go back to for a fun weekend:
  1. Fish Creek (by far this is "The Place" lots of little shops and cafes. On the outskirts there was a cute winery and it is getting to be grape harvest season).
  2. Ephraim great shoreline, fun shoppes however rumor has it it's a dry township!
  3. Sister Bay very similar atmosphere to the two above (shopping, restaurants and water!) 

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