Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Purchase

Bombshell to Young Professional
Going back a few years to age sixteen, just started my junior year of high school on the volleyball team. Life was good. I remember this like it was yesterday.... my called called me to ask where I was (in the basement working on a paper), "oh good" he said. Huh, that's strange, but whatever. Later he came down and asked me to go out to the garage. Thinking this odd, I did. And to much to my surprise when I pressed the garage door opener and the door start going up I was a shiny (new-to-me) red Grand Prix GT (sporty) with a sunroof! A feel most teenage girls can just dream of. Jumping up and down screaming and thanking my parents, I jumped in to test out my new ride. Who knew that car would get to know each other so well! In high school it was lots of trips into town for practices, friends houses and watergirl-ing at Varsity football games. I remember driving it for the first time to Michigan State, my home for 4+ years. Lots of trips into campus, the beef barn, bull pen, Leos, the Whiskey Barrel and multiple road trips to god knows where. Oh the places (and the places we shouldn't have) been in this country! If only it had a built in video player to relive the memories!
Luckily it survived two years of my professional life, when I decided it was time to put the bombshell car to rest and purchase something for the young professional. This is the end of an era, almost (but not quite) the end of my youth.
Oh the place we've been...

Good times were had, but looking forward to new memories in the Chrysler 200. That bit of Michigan still in me, totally hooked me when I heard the Clint Eastwood commercial for Chrysler, I love his voice!
Oh the places we'll go!

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