Monday, October 8, 2012

Going once, going twice, SOLD

It's sale time!

An exciting time of  year. While not as much fun as cattle shows, the sales are a pretty fun time too. Anytime I'm around good cattle and good friends, I can't complain. Sales have a thrilling, get the blood pumping, big money type atmosphere. And to me, nothing means real business than the sound of an autioners' voice. 
Yesterday my parents picked me up and we headed to East Troy, WI to support our friends in the Badger Select Sale.
The first thing you do at a sale in grab a catalog and head out to the pens to
 get a good, up-close look at what's being sold. We ended up being just bidders and buyers.

Each animal is brought into this small ring and auctioned off one at a time. Before the sale starts there are a few announcements and acknowledgements and usually there's the playing of the Star Spangle Banner. These were very close-knit families that put on the sale who have kids involved. To include them in the sale, each held a small flag while they lead the national anthem. The crowd sang along. It was a great reminder that kids play a large role in this industry and are the future. Way to go Jones and Kegley kids!
It was cold. I had to bundle up. Thank god scarves are popular, otherwise I would have looked like just another plain Jane northern'er! And being the cowgirl boot addict I am, I have to showcase my Ferrini boots. Never heard of this brand until recently. Fairly comfortable, reasonably priced. But what I like most are the cream decorative tops. It's not often you see this.  

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Crystal Cattle said...

Love those boots. I saw a pair of Ferrini boots in Denver that I really would like, but I need to scale back!

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