Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Facebook finds

How many times a day do you go through your newsfeed on your phone or computer? I'm addicted to being in the know, not only socially but also to be a more informed, knowledgeable person in agriculture. Today I found two things worth sharing...
How many of your were involved in 4-H? I was more active in the state and national Hereford association and FFA, but was involved in 4-H during my earlier days. This week is National FFA week, and I don't think you have to be involved to have appreciation for what they do for youth. What is nice about 4-H and FFA is that you don't have to have an ag background to be involved. It's a great organization for becoming a leader and making a difference in your community.

Ever look at your steak and wonder where on a steer it came from? Certified Angus Beef did a great demonstration today in Louisville. Using chalk they mapped out the primals or large sections of the steer. Within each primal is where cuts (tenderloin, roast, round steak, etc) of beef are located. If you're curious about which primal your steak came from, this map is a great resource.
 What was the funniest, happiest or most education thing you saw today on Facebook? Remember, social media is all about sharing!


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