Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkins, paper and mod podge

What do these things have in common?

My life. For the month of October anyway. We all have hobbies. Mine consist of cattle, shopping, wine, spending time with family and friends and pumpkin decorating. Yes, there's nothing saying hobbies have to all jive together. Last year I got into decoupaging pumpkins, it was such a hit that I decided to go for year two. If you passed this on 41S every Sunday during the month of October, why didn't you wave? It was me, heading back to the city with a load full of pumpkins.
The pumpkins are so much cheaper back in my hometown. Can you believe people pay over $8 for a big ole' pumpkin?
And yes, someday I will trade in my new car for a turquoise truck. Now this rig has a lot of miles under it's belt and can tell stories I'm sure.

What does a crazy lady who works in an office all day do with a truck load of pumpkins? Switching gears from working at a laptop to tuning up my sponge brushes I'd get the pumpkin factory (operating only on the night shift) to work. At times the mod podge fumes would get quite intense, however maybe that kept my creative side energize, so I guess it was all worth it.  

Last year's instagram post: Excited by selling two pumpkins and wanting to shipping around the country. This year I actually had people asking for them faster than I could crank out.

The pumpkins didn't ship across the country, however one was sold to a friend in Illinois. I'll consider that a big win!

 And because this is one of my favorites I couldn't leave it out. I just had to share the purple, my favorite color for fall.

On this Halloween eve, I'm happy to announce that I made it through season two. They're aren't any pumpkins left in my apartment, the sponge brushes have been put away, and most importantly I don't have mod podge stuck in my hair or underneath my fingernails! Relaxing and celebrating pumpkins season 2012 with a glass of Merlot. Here's the breakdown:

Graph generator doesn't lie. Fifteen pumpkins went out the door glazed in mod podge and graced with a print requested by my fine customers! Thank you to all my coworkers, family and friends who purchased a pumpkin. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them (and spending my evenings sniffing mod podge)!

Happy Halloween (Can you believe this is my least favorite holiday? Shocking, but true!)



Holli said...

I LOVE the black and white one! Share your secret on the how- to?

Holli said...

I LOVE the black and white one! Share your secret on the how- to?

Nicole Starr said...

Of course I love to share! I did a how to post last year. Here it is enjoy! http://nlstarr.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-jazz-up-pumpkin.html

Happy Halloween!

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