Monday, November 5, 2012

Get out and VOTE

Unless you've been hiding under the covers for the past 4 months straight, you're well aware that tomorrow is the Presidential election. Make sure you get out and vote, it's our right and your vote matters. I've already voted via absentee, back in October, and am happy to have this civic duty crossed off my list. Being a registered voter in small little Waupaca county has quite the perks that you just don't get in the big city. My long time childhood friend's aunt (did you get all that?) is in charge of collecting the absentee ballots, so she sends me reminders via a Facebook message! Who else has had that kind of service?! Small, rural areas definitely have perks.
If you haven't yet voted, click here to find the voting poll closest to you.
If your newsfeed is anything like mine friends have been voicing their strong presidential opinions and election jokes (thank you to the jokes, they make me laugh) through status updates and picture sharing. So far this is one of my favorites.  

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