Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starbucks red cups

And not the red solo kind!

Today would have to start with a pounding headache. I blame it on the dreary weather and the presidential election. To steer the day in a better direction I headed to Starbucks for my usual... grande mocha with a shot of Carmel and a vanilla bean scone. Thanks to my godson Isaac for picking up my tab! A few weeks ago he surprised me by emailing me a Starbucks gift card. Yes I said email -now days you're automatically registered for an account before you leave the hospital as a newborn!
And what did they give me but my mocha in a Christmas cup?! Don't get me wrong, Christmas is a jolly time of year and I'm not a grinch, but come on! It was only last week that I was dressed up as Anita from Guess Who and we have YET to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has feelings too! I would have much more appreciated a turkey with colorful feathers or maybe a cornucopia designed on my cup. Who agrees?
We're moving too fast and everything is happening sooner and quicker. The anticipation is fun. But we need to remember to live in the moment, take things one day (or week) at a time, and enjoy the present.    
Promise I'm not a total complainer. The mocha and scone were as usual delic
and put my day in a better direction!


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