Friday, November 9, 2012

Bubblicious Friday

Who loves the weekends?

I love my job, coworkers and the feeling off accomplishment with every item crossed off my list and seeing projects to completion. But.... I love the weekends. At 5 I'm hitting 45 Northbound and headed back to the farm. No big plans, but those turn into the best kinds of weekends. Hopefully checking calves, seeing my best cow-friend Miley, a run and for sure relaxing with my friend Merlot .
Today is a bubblicious day because of the new turquoise necklace from Southern Jewlz that I wearing. I know it big, however I ain't 'fraid to make a statement! And I think it does, mission accomplished. What I like it that I'm comfortable wearing it in the office, but yet would oh so acceptable at a cattle show. Which is good, because let me just say being a grown up and having to miss Louisville, for the second time in a row, sucks! Cheers to everyone having fun without me, boo hooo! I guess I'll just sport my cattle show wardrobe for the next week. However, I'm one up on you all since I won't be nursing the hangovers.
Have a great weekend, where ever it takes you.
It's Friday, why not wear cowgirl boots to the office.


Jamie Purfeerst said...

I just got a bubble necklace too, except mine is bright blue! Have a fun weekend at home! :)


Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Jamie for visiting:) Hope you & Mark have an excellent Thanksgiving!

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