Monday, February 11, 2013

Calf Watch 2013

The new calf crop will be starting to hit the straw at the Starr Farm. Last weekend when I was home where were quite a few that looked close to calving and one that was over due. Like people, she looked uncomfortable and ready to have her baby. When cows are approaching their due date, we bring them up to the barn from the pasture to the back of the barn a.k.a. "waiting area". This way we can keep a close eye on them. And when they're really close to calving, the cow is moved up into a pen that has fresh straw bedding. This much would be much like a delivery room at the hospital:). We do this to prevent the calves from being born outside and getting frost bitten ears.

Hanging out in the waiting area last weekend was my old show heifer Appi from college. Appi did really well in the ring, in Denver she was a Division Champion. Here is her glamour shot at the backdrop after she won. This day started early (like 3am early) and was filled with a lot of hard work but as you can see it paid off. The adrenalin running through our bodies kept us going and put the smiles on our faces.
Funny how we all change in just five years. Of course the calf is the most important thing to look at, but my eye tend to wonder to my hairstyle and clothes.Yep, I'm a girl:)
 Since then Appi has hung up the show halter and has been put to work in the pasture. She's raised a lot of good calves that we have been able to sell. She's kinda like me, a grown up with responsibilities. Except our responsibilities are different; mine are in an office, hers are raising a calf! Appi has taken up residency in the "waiting room" and the waiting game is on! Bull or heifer no one knows. Stay tuned and watch for #CalfWatch2013 on Twitter (@nstarrgirl).
Since she's a spoiled show heifer I may or may not give
handful of feed and scratch her a for a little extra lovin'. 

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