Friday, February 8, 2013

Take me back to summer 2012

Escaping the winter blues

Yesterday was a very special person's birthday, my great Aunt Jo. My Aunt Jo is quite the lady and we're very lucky to have her in our lives. In terms of the family tree, she is my Grandma Lindsay's (my mom's mom) sister. Did you get all that? I consider myself lucky because not a lot of people are close with their great aunts, uncles, second cousins etc. However, I am close with these people. And when the we get together we love every minute of it whether it be... to talk, laugh, cook or shop. God bless the men currently in and yet to come into our lives that have to put up with all these women! Anyways, my Aunt Jo is something else. Remember when we went to the National Western Stock Show? Well she traveled with us and spent the trip in Denver to see her son and daughter in-law. She was a good travel companion and made the long direct flight to Denver more entertaining.

Since Wisconsin is in a winter storm warning, I'd give anything for warm weather. So yesterday during the winter blizzard I drifted off to the summer of 2012 and recalled a weekend that Aunt Jo spent with us. She let me in on one of her talents. She passed down the tradition of making strawberry jam to the next generation. Me being the next generation:) It was a blast and boy is that strawberry jam a treat to enjoy year round. If you missed the post, you should really check it out. And if I remember right it was my Aunt Jo that convinced me to go car shopping and she also cheered  me on at Lambeau Field during the Packer 5K run. We packed a lot in just 48 hours.

Since I won't be taking a spring break or tropical island vacation to escape winter, I'll settle for the good summer memories made with family and friends when the weather was warm. And to be honest, I don't need to escape anywhere when everything I need is right here.  

Happy Birthday to Aunt Jo!
Jamin' with Aunt Jo.
Learning to make strawberry jam from a pro!
I've never had to follow directions so exact.
Timing is everything with jam making:)

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