Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charmin' up my jewelry

Brighton Charms

Do you like Brighton? I do, because their collection is classical but yet has a hit of a western touch, depending on how you wear it. I have a purse that has a rope style strap, eye catching... but that's for another time. Today we're talking about the Brighton Charm Collection. My mom got be hooked... she's a bad influence! However the charms that go on your bracelet make great birthday gifts for sisters, friends and family members. Last weekend The Feminine Touch, one of the Starr Sister's favorite boutiques, was have a huge blowout sale. We didn't miss it. We're were there in full force. But what The Feminine Touch didn't know what that it was a virtual sale. Yes, mom and I were taking orders via texting (where would we be without picture text messaging... I don't want to know!) from Milwaukee, Ohio and Missouri. Just call us The Feminine Touch sales reps:) We made out good and I got some neat new charms to add to my collection.

I wanted to share how you can design your charm bracelet online. That way you know exactly what you want when you're kicking asses and elbows the next time your local Brighton store has a sale.

Head to and select 'Charm Builder'.

After clicking: Create Your Own, you'll take the reigns on creating your bracelet. Imagine being set free in a Brighton store with no credit card limit. Ignore the total $ amount in the upper right.

The really fun part comes in after you've picked out your bracelet and you're set free to design. Sky is the limit. Literally. Have you seen their collection? Shop through the beads, charms and spacers in the right-hand column, click and drag the beads onto the chain. And if you think there's a charm out of place on the bracelet you can move it.

Here's a really cool bracelet my Aunt Jo designed, she's ready for spring... but aren't we all?!

If you've designed your own personalized bracelet, the price tag might shock you. But if you can't live without it add it to your Wish List. Email it to the store (so they have it on hand) the next time you want to spoil yourself. You can also send it to a friend or family member who's wondering what to get you for that birthday/Christmas/Congratulations/Just Because present.

WARNING: This design-game could become addicting.


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