Monday, April 22, 2013

What are Buck Nuts?

You know you're from a one-horse town when....

Walking into the fine dining establishment Buck Nuts is written on the board as a special.

This place has the best food in town and spares no expense at giving you the true feel for the town's northern Wisconsin character. 1) You walk in and everyone turns their bar stool to see who it is. If you see someone you know, your party of 5 could easily become a party of 10 or 15. They could have communal seating. 2)  Admiring dead animals on the wall, starring at horny light fixtures while ease dropping in on the town's gossip.
These are all true, accurate descriptions. But it's who the town is and most importantly the town that raised me, my sisters, my mom and my grandpa.
So Buck Nuts, what are they? I had never heard of them and was opting for a safer bet...a cheeseburger. Until the bartender told us they were jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, shredded cheese, an Oscar weeny and wrapped in bacon. Delic, my ears perked up, I was in. Especially since it'd been since Christmas since I indulged in these delicious bites of amazingness. In the words of the Pioneer Woman..."If you rub your eyes or scratch ANYTHING after handling, you'll be cursing the ground you walk on for days." Glad I took extra precaution when I made these and wore calving sleeves that went up to my arm pits.
The Buck Nut review...Loved every one those bucks and it went down great with a cold beer. But I must say, PW's Bacon-wrapped jalapeno things recipe is better, however they'll forever be referred to as Buck Nuts!
Yummy! It's wrapped in bacon, how can it NOT be amazing.
Going out and eating these is much easier than making them at home. Nothing says there's a farm girl in the kitchen like putting on the ruffly apron and calving sleeves! 

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