Monday, April 8, 2013

Mother Daughter Photo Opp

Do people tend to say you look more like your mom or your dad? Maybe even an older sibling or Aunt or Uncle? In my family people say my sister Lindsay looks like our mom, Danielle looks like our Grandma Lindsay and I'm a good combination of both mom and dad. And usually when people say this they also take into consideration personalities too. Well the same is true for cow families.
A mother/daughter photo opp out in the pasture. I'm getting good use out of the
knee high rubber boots, talk about a muddy mess.

My cow Miley is on the left standing next to her daughter who we call Dolly. Do you think they look related? I do. Even more so as Dolly has grown up she resembles her Dam (the mother, Miley). Out in the pasture I can barely tell the two apart. From the way they stand, walk and physical structure. We refer to this as their phenotype (physical appearance).
Funny thing is their personalities are alike when it comes to feeding time too. This weekend I was taking grain out to the Grand Buffet and set the pail down to chain the gate. In the millisecond it took me to do this, someone had their head in the pail inhaling gain as fast they could. I glanced down and without thinking yelled, "Miley! Get out of there!". And then I did a double take and realized it wasn't Miley, it was Dolly! They fooled me:) And sorry Miley for blaming you, but let's be honest you're usually guilty of doing this
Mother like daughter, not only do they look alike but also act alike! Since they're both old show heifer neither one are afraid to come up to me... especially when grain is involved!   


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